Not much going on

Not much has been going on. The weather is getting wetter and cooler. We haven't had our first hard frost yet, but I know it's near. I was out of town for the weekend so we didn't have any short trips.

I drove down to Ship Creek and walked around near the dam. The leaves are staying around because we haven't had a frost yet. The colors seem extra
vibrant this year. I'm not the only one talking about them. There was a story about it on the news tonight.

It was pretty quiet there. Probably because it was a work day for most people. There were a few pigeons and a couple ducks there. Tourist season is pretty much over so there was ample free parking.

It looks cooler than it actually is. The sun was out most of the day and the temperature hovered around 52°. But we had some serious rain recently, so most things are still pretty damp.

Pigeons aren't native to Alaska, but we have plenty of them. I wonder if this white pigeon feels out of place?