Rain not snow

But they are predicting snow real soon. But because it was raining there wasn't a lot to shoot. Ruth is out of town, so I have a fair size to do list. But I have to get out even if it's raining.

I started downtown. I guess it's sort of a self portrait. Can you see my reflection in the window? That's Resolution Plaza, kind of a neat looking building.

After that I drove around West Chester Lagon and got a shot of downtown from there. The sun was trying to break through, but it never really happened. It just kept on drizzeling.

After that I checked out the airport. I'm a retired aircraft mechanic so airplanes are still neat to me.

Here's hoping the weather is better tomorrow. Maybe we'll get some better pix's then.


Trixie said…
Dave, we got about seven inches here in Glen Alps. Our roe is blocked by folks trying to get to the snow. Sheesh! Can't they wait? It really will get to ALL of Anchorage!

For whom were you a mechanic?
Dave said…
I can wait Trixie, though I am tired of all the rain.

U.S. Air Force