Winter is coming, no matter what I say

We had an excellent summer and a gorgeous fall. But like most everything else, it must end sometime. It's presently 42° with a 70% humidity level. It's suppose to get to 30° tonight.

I was getting the yard prepared for winter when I saw the sunset. I ran in the house and got my camera and told Ruth what I was doing as I grabed my coat and ran out the door. By the time I got to West Chester Lagoon the sunset was way low in the sky. If the weather is like this tomorrow, we'll head on down early to see what we can get for pix's.

Sleeping Lady is half covered with snow and mountains further out are fully covered. It's making it's way across the inlet. There were still geese and ducks in the lagoon that haven't headed south yet. They better get a move on.

The leaves are still hanging to the trees, but they are getting thinner and thinner. There's a definate chill in the air tonight.


robin andrea said…
What a beautiful sunset, dave. What time is the sun setting there these days? Winter is coming here too. We barely had a fall. To be perfectly honest, we barely had a summer! It sure is pretty there.
Dave said…
Thanks Robin. The sun is setting about 7 PM now and geting earlier everyday. I know the lower 48 didn't have the best year weather wise, but ours was almost awesome! You and Roger need to come visit The Last Frontier.
Trixie said…

It's 18F this morning in Glen Alps! YIKES! I guess I better find the snow tires.