Not a sunset kind of night

I'm a little behind because of Blogger, and then the real job and other commitments, but we'll see if we can catch up. I went down to the Anchorage boat launch because it looked like we might be in for a beautiful sunset. But when it got closer and closer the sun started hiding behind some clouds.

So it was time to look around to see what was neat to take some shots at. Here's the Cosmic Wind sitting on the glacier silt and mud. She's not going anywheres for a few hours.

A little bit further up Ship Creek there were ducks, mallards and gulls. This guy was having fun climbing the mud. That stuff is pretty muckie. It's very similar to quicksand. If you stand too long in one spot, you will sink. And the mud creates a suction on your feet that won't let go. Ship Creek is very popular for fishing during the summer. Anchorage Fire Dept has to respond often to get people unstuck.

My last stop was at my favorite, West Chester Lagoon. Here it is after the sun goes down. I was surprised at the amount of people that were there.

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Trixie said…
Have you hit Potter's Marsh lately? There a nice swan family or two posing for pictures.
Meggie said…
Dave: Greeting from Pennsylvania. Your photos were great even if the sunset didn't totally cooperate...beautiful sky. Blogger has been making me crazy lately temperamental!
Dave said…
Thanks Trixie. See the newest post

I know Meggie. It makes you want to scream. It's not like I have tons of free time and then you don't know the photo's won't upload until it says "an error acured".