Breaking up is hard to do

The weather has been terrible. It's been +40°f and all of the snow and ice is melting and breaking up. We call this season break up. The real question is "is it really break up"? Most of us feel that's it's too early and we'll have another dumping of snow and we'll get to break up all over again.

What makes it real sad is to watch the national news and see all the snow they are getting in Ohio right now. Break up is my least favorite time of year in Alaska. Everything is wet and dirty. Don't even think about washing your car or truck because it would be just a waste of time and money. It would be dirty by the time you finished driving home.

It's hard to get motivated to go out shooting pix's. The railroad yard was busy. I've always liked trains. I remember as a kid I use to watch the Casey Jones TV show. When those guys head south to Seward or north to Fairbanks they get to see a lot of beautiful scenery and wildlife. We'll have to check it out later this summer.

The ducks were busy also. I don't know if these guys migrated back or stayed for the winter. There's always some open water somewheres around here for them to stay the winter.

Man we need some snow.


Marvin said…
Anchorage has no snow and the Ozarks get nine inches. It's forty degrees in Anchorage and 19ยบ in Arkansas. Crazy weather!
Meggie said…
I'm sure my neighbors in Ohio would LOVE to send you some snow.
Dave said…
Marvin - belive me, we would gladly trade.

Meggie - we would take it to.
Trixie said…
Dave, I could not agree more! They are trucking snow into Kincaid for the Junior Olympics. The trails are a mess. I am dreaming about my mountain bike.
Dave said…
Trixie - I was wondering how long before the coastal trail is clear. I started riding last year while there was still snow and ice in the underpasses.