more Fur Rondy

Fur Rondy has been a huge success so far this year. There are events all over town everyday of the week. I decided to catch a head cold and my allergies kicked in at the same time. One of my friends said I looked like Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein. So I didn't get any pix's from the Iditarod start. That's kind of a bummer. I like rooting for Dee Dee Jonroe, she's a true Alaskan Musher.

Buddy Streeper won last weeks World Sled Dog Championship. He just plain looked fast on the trail. Check out the links below for lots of pix's.

Also, check out for updates on the Last Great Race.



Meggie said…
What a bummer to be sick for the start of the Iditarod. I'm alway eager to hear the sports casters report on the event. If you say Dee Dee is a true Alaskan musher, I will root for her too. Go Dee Dee!
Trixie said…
I got the cold, too, Dave! Yuck! And I missed the start, I was in that grey warehouse.
Dave said…
Meggie - She is one of my favorites, cancer survivor, ran a triathalon almost always in the top 10 and an all around nice person.

Trixie - did you give me that cold?? Just joking. Sorry you were at work.
RuthieJ said…
Your pics kinda remind me of the old Northern Exposure TV show--especially the moose strolling down the street!