This time of year is tough

It is tough on you. The weather plays with your head. It's cold one day and the next the snow and ice is melting. The days seem gray and gloomy. Your looking for that really great photo op and it's not around every corner like you got use to during the winter with fresh snow, ice fog, sled dogs and stuff like that.

It is, but you're in a slump because it's not winter and it's not spring yet. The corners are a little farther apart and you have to keep your mind open.

We had an interesting sunrise this morning. I was taking shots of it at one of my favorite spots and I caught something out of the corner of my eye. The sun was reflecting off of another cloud that was kind of twisting. Ruth saw it when I was uploading it to the pc and called it a fire bird. That's what it kind of looks like to me also.

Business was kind of good today, but a lot of time on the cell phone. So I would pull over and talk for a while. At one place I was being watched by Mr. Raven. When the call was done, I got out of the truck with camera in hand. He let me get one shot off and he was gone.

I made it down to Ship Creek Dam where it's really starting to thaw out. The ice is mostly gray and rotten. There is some color of what will be spring trying to break through.

The pigeons were everywhere. Almost daring you to mess with them.

Come on spring. I'm trying to be patient.


Owlman said…
I feel your pain. Today is gray and gloomy in New Jersey, while yesterday almost had a hint of Spring in it. I've seen a few summer migrants which has really got my hopes up, although I'm bursting for some nice warn weather - bring on Spring baby!
Marvin said…
That's a cool shot of the [i]sunbird[/i], Dave. Down here in the south, we don't have to deal with all that funky, dirty, melting snow. We get thunderstorms, severe weather and flooding instead. Hummmmm.
robin andrea said…
I'm definitely tired of this gray, endless winter. I am ready for warmth and all the flowers of spring. Cool photos, Dave.
RuthieJ said…
At least we know winter's finally losing its grip! The longer days sure help too, but I'll be glad when all the dirty snow piles have finally melted away.
Dave said…
Owlman - We're not seeing any migrants as of yet. We can still get some more snow, but I'm ready for spring.

Marvin - We can use the rain but no flooding please.

Robin - ah yes, flowers of spring please.

Ruthiej - it's losing it's grip but it hasn't let go yet. :)
Clare said…
Love the Raven photo Dave, it's a keeper.
Dave said…
Clare - I remember Ravens as being one of someones favorites. Who was that now??? :)