Working like a dog

The girls at TLC bring mans best friend to work with them often. Say Hi to Tank and Belle. I don't know what type of work they accomplish, but at the end of the day they look tired as a dog and are ready to go home.


robin andrea said…
Hi to Tank and Belle! They're very cute. I always think it's a great place to work, if you get to bring your dog!

I just read your previous post about the break up of snow and ice. It never occurred to me that you would have a season called break up. That makes so much sense. We're just having the standard northwest grays. 40 degrees and cloudy morning noon and night.
Meggie said…
I'm guessing that employees are much more productive when they can bring their best friends to work.
Dave said…
Robin - it a great place to volunteer at also. :)

Meggie - We got a pretty good staff. I actually think it's better on the dog. :)
LauraHinNJ said…
They look very hard-working!

RuthieJ said…
When I worked at Wild Birds Unlimited, the owners brought their dog Ginger to work. She was a very special girl and sure made going to work fun.