Chester Creek Aquatic Habitat Restoration

You've seen my post on West Chester Lagoon here many times. Well it's time for it to get a little upgrade. The overall goal of the upgrade is to restore portions of the natural habitat, improve flood control, protect private property and to provide adequate fish passage. The project should be completed in late summer 2009.

Temporary trails and other detours have been made so the rest of the area can be used while the project is under way. The mallards seem to approve of the buoys placed to help prevent accidental contamination from the construction.

This large backhoe was in use while I was there and had little disturbance to any of the wildlife around. The mallards didn't budge. The tourist going by on the train saw the construction for about 30 seconds.

All in all I think this project will do a lot of good to the area in the time to come. This is the second hottest place in town for birding and other recreation, so maintaining it and improving on the future of it is a good thing. We just have to put up with the inconvenience for a short while.


robin andrea said…
I'm always glad to see habitat restored with little disruption to the wildlife already there.
Meggie said…
Looks like a worthwhile project. A little inconvenience is usually necessary for such improvement. How do you folks in Alaska feel about your governor being a VP candidate?
RuthieJ said…
It's nice to see wildlife habitat actually being restored for once (around here they're still tearing it up for residential/commercial development or more cropland :-(