Return to Potter Marsh

Potter Marsh is hard to avoid if you don't have a lot of time to take a trip. It's on the south side of Anchorage right off the main and only highway that heads south. I had to have a fix, I was going crazy and the sun was out.

The place was hoping with wildlife and there were plenty of tourist to be found. There were more variety's of cameras there then at Ritz. There were more languages being spoken then I could identify.

The sun was just right to get some nice shots of all of both the Greater and Lesser Yellow Legs that were plentiful. The ducks were eating away and so were the Grebes.

The improvements that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game made to the boardwalk make it very friendly for us to view the wildlife without much disturbance to them. They even added some blinds to where you can hide from the wildlife while viewing it.

There are many future plans for the sanctuary to include more boardwalk and even possibly moving the highway further away. Whenever Bird TLC builds on its property that overlooks the marsh, the boardwalk is suppose to hook up with it.

In the meantime, there is plenty to see. The migratory birds will start there big trip before long and Potter Marsh will be a great place to view them
while stopping over on their journey.

This is the place to check out if your are visiting or plan on visiting Anchorage.


Meggie said…
It's always fun to read your posts about Potter Marsh. I feel like I know it well from your writings.
Dave said…
Thanks Meggie! There's always something happening there.