Osprey home

I found the osprey nest today. I guess there wasn't enough good trees around. They should have good radio reception.

I talked to the local biologist about it today. He says their concern is the weight on the end of the antenna.

There is one youngster in the nest.


Meggie said…
Perhaps the little one can hear the music from the radio? Do osprey return to the same nesting site? Will someone dismantle the nest after the baby flys?
Dave said…
Meggie - They do return to the same nesting site. They don't plan on dismantling it now but may have to in the future because of its weight.
RuthieJ said…
Hi Dave,
When I clicked on your pic to enlarge it, the nest seems small in comparison to the size of the antenna. Do they really think the weight of the nest will eventually harm the antenna? Could the arm of the antenna not be reinforced if the weight of the nest becomes an issue? Or is destroying the nest just the easiest option?
Sorry to rag on you to problems like this make me sad because it's usually the wildlife that loses
Dave said…
Ruthie - The osprey will probably abandon the nest within the next few years. The state has stopped stocking the lakes in the area, so their food source is dwindling. The military won't reinforce the antenna. If the osprey take too long to leave, they will dismantle the nest after they have left after nesting season. The birds will rebuild else wheres.