My Little Girls

My daughter Cassandra has had to suffer nick-names from me since the day she was born. Being my only daughter I've always teased her about being my favorite daughter. Her other nick-names included Sassy Cassie, which still fits her to this day. She has always made me proud in the things that she does. She always has the drive to go after something that she wants.

I've never liked shopping with her mom or my wife Ruth, but Cassie and I always have fun. She has really good taste and I value her opinion on what clothes I buy. We call each other almost everyday, even if nothing is really going on, but it always makes my day. It's also fun when we go out for lunch or just coffee.

Well this morning at 5:49 AM AST, she made me a grandpa again. She had her own little girl and named her Trinity. 7lbs 9 oz, 20 inches. She's a keeper! Both girls are doing fine. Cassie and Trinity are exhausted after about 15 hours of labor.

We already started shopping together a few days ago getting some of those last minute things that just don't come as gifts at showers and things. We'll go again real soon as soon as they are both up to it.

My favorite daughter just gave birth to my favorite granddaughter. WOW! Her cousin Tripp is about 6 months older now She's going to have someone about her age to watch out for her. He's getting big fast too.

What a day! Love you Sassy Cassie and Trinity! I can't wait to go for lunch or coffee.


Gouldiae said…
Congratulations Grandpa. All the best to Cassie and Trinity from Australia.
Meggie said…
Oh what a wonderful event! Everyone looks so happy and content...especially you, Grandpa. Congrats to all! Shopping with Trinity will also be a blast...when she gets a bit older.
Clare said…
Wow, congratulations Dave. Aren't you too young to be a grandfather? Twice?
Congratulations Grandpa from all the Squirrels here on the Permafrost Ranch.
robin andrea said…
Congratulations! You do look like a very proud Grandpa. said…
Wow - she is just beautiful. You look so proud holding her. I can't wait to hold her myself! Give Cassie a hug from MD
Duncan said…
Congratulations from me too Dave, all the best to you all.
Dave said…
Thanks everyone. Cassie & Trinity are at home now catching up on some rest.
Yay for Cassie and Grandpa Dave!
She's a cutie, to be sure!
Trixie said…
Wowwie wow wow wow! Congratulations! She is beautiful.