Frigg Economy Class

I've posted on the type of music I like only once. It's a large variety of music, both new and old. You never know what you'll find on my radio when you ride in my truck Lucille.

A few months ago I got an email from Matais representing a Finnish-Norwegian folk-rock band called Frigg. They were interested in using one of my photo's on their CD cover. I never heard of these guys before, but what the heck. I agreed and part of the agreement was that I wanted a copy of the CD.

Well today in the mail direct from Helsinki, Finland came two copies of Economy Class. These guys stand by their word. I checked them out via Google. I hadn't realized how popular they are and now my photo is on their cover. As my generation says "Cool".

If you're interested, the CD goes on sales Oct. 21st and it'll be available at Amazon.


robin andrea said…
That really is so cool. Congratulations.
Meggie said…
You should offer autographs when the CD comes out. Congrats, Dave! No royalties?
Trixie said…
Right on! That is just great. What a cool picture. Where and when did you shoot it?
RuthieJ said…
Well, how cool is that Dave? Congratulations!
Thanks for the link, I loved those audio clips--that's my kinda music.
Dave said…
Robin - Thanks!

Meggie - LOL!

Trixie - Dec 2007 at Merrill Field. Here's the link

Ruthie - Thanks and you're welcome.