To Seward!

We traveled out of Anchorage to one of our favorite places. We had some TLC business in Seward at the Alaska Sea Life Center. We figured it was also a great time to get some more fall shots and maybe a little bird watching.

We were running behind for the trip down, so we didn't do much but sight see. Once we got there we got business done, spent money at the ASLC Gift Shop, had lunch with Cindy & Todd at our favorite resturant there, Christo's and then it was time to head back home.

It seem like Seward was the only place the sun was shinning. The rest of the trip was cloudy and raining in spots. We saw eagles and ravens as usual and we did spot a few hawks, but aren't sure what kind. They were at such a distance we aren't sure what species they are.

Winter is making its way down the mountains. We call it termination dust. Summer is terminated! The migratory birds are headed back and away. Once we made it to the Hope Junction it rained hard the rest of the trip so we just put it on cruise control and headed home.

It was a nice little trip and it felt good to get away.


robin andrea said…
It looks beautiful there, dave. You really find some great places to photograph and show how beautiful Alaska is.
RuthieJ said…
Wow Dave, I enlarged the shot of the railroad bridge with mountains in the background.....just amazing! What a beautiful picture.