It's still fall

and it's still raining. We got a little sun this past week, but very little. It was just enough to tease us reminding us what we didn't get much of this summer.

The leaves are in full change mode right now and it's happening fast. We driving to Seward this weekend. One of the reasons is to see the fall colors through Turnagain Pass. This will probably be our only shot before winter hits.

Work has been extremely busy this week. The Alaskan PFD hit the banks and so did the Energy Relief from Governor Palin. So right now our economy is good which in turn makes me and many others very busy.

Stay dry everyone and enjoy the colr show.


Meggie said…
Your season is much farther along than ours here in PA. But I suppose that's to be expected since you are so much farther north. Beautiful colors, Dave!
robin andrea said…
Your reflective shots are so beautiful, dave. I love seeing Alaska through your camera lens. Here on the central coast of California, we're still in summer mode. Foggy mornings and warm sunny afternoons.