We've had some awesome weather this year. A big surprise was beautiful weather for the Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately it's probably the last hurrah for the summer. The leaves are changing and we haven't had a first frost yet. They will probably change fast and be over before we know it.

An unexpected side trip back from Wasilla to Eklutna Lake after we stopped at Rochelle's for some long over due ice cream. Not only do they have good ice cream, they have an awesome view. They close after Labor Day and you would have to wait until next year to get their ice cream.

Mother nature makes the prettiest colors this time of year. I hope she lets fall hang on a little longer. I'd like to get another trip out to get some more photo's.

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robin andrea said…
The only way we know fall is arriving is the color of the golden dry hills and the way the sunlight slants through the trees. The temperatures are still warm, and probably will be until October. I can't even imagine a frost so soon. It's all about latitude.
Meggie said…
Hope that first frost holds off awhile longer for you, Dave.