In full swing

Fall is in full swing. The leaves have or are in process of changing every wheres. V shape formations are in the sky and the temperature is dropping every night. I've had to use the defroster a couple times to get the dew off the windshield already, but no frost as of yet.

Work has been getting in the way of me getting out to get many photographs. That's a good complaint in a way with this economy, but it's not the fun I like to have.

I've been bragging about the awesome weather we've been having. It's been great even with the change from summer to fall to soon to be winter. I've been up here 25 years and can't remember a better year weather wise.

Tourism is way off this year. I think estimates are about 25%. We've been seeing more people from European countries visiting. It's been fun with the few I've got to interact with. One couple from Italy didn't speak any English, but with a brochure card and a Sharpie, I got them on their way to Denali. They look like they were having the time of their life.

I'm hoping to head to Hope or Seward next weekend and the fall colors are still around. Let's see what happens.


Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Glad you've enjoyed a good weather pattern. You certainly do get some colour up there - love that third landscape. What's a Sharpie by the way?
Dave said…
Thanks G. A Sharpie is a brand of permanate marker that's very popular here in the states.