It just keeps on falling

Winter is fast arriving. We have been getting our fair share of rain and last night the temperature made it below freezing. It's won't be long until Ol' Man Winter is here.

It always amazes me at the different things you see with people up here. We get a lot of new people to our state every year. They come on their own or their company sends them or the military assigns them here. Along with them they bring the culture they came from or try to live the real Alaska.

I went to West Chester Lagoon yesterday and it was raining and about 40°. Some of the people were dressed like we were in the Arctic. When the temps do drop below 0°, those are the people we won't see much of.

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful and diverse state. It's not unusual to see moose, eagles, grebe's and all kinds of wildlife at West Chester Lagoon. Less than a five minute walk away is downtown with all of its hustle and bustle. Hop in you car or truck, and drive out of town for fifteen minutes and you'll find yourself in the middle of wild Alaska.