I messed up and had a good day

When I woke up Saturday morning, it was cold and rainy. I had that itch to drive out of town for the day and take some fall photographs. the weather was supposed to be bad, but you never know. By the time I reached Indian the sun was trying break through.

Along the road to Portage Valley, they are building a new trail. It's still under construction, but well under way and looking good. The sun came out and started to warm things up. The waters were calm and the fall colors were showing their stuff.

In Turnagain Pass the snow is working its way down the mountains. It's not going to be long now. This place is very popular with the snowmachiners and cross country skiers. Today people were enjoying walking the trails.

Hope Junction is always brighter than a artist palette in the fall. You can park at the rest area and see for miles and miles. There's an old saying from the GI's that built the Alaskan Highway during WWII. There's miles and miles of nothing but miles and miles. They were unfortunate to not be able to enjoy things like we are today, but they made it easier on the rest of us.

The bridge is dangerous because it's a two lane highway, but it's much safer than the old one. The old one is on the other side of the new one and is now part of a hiking trail.

So for a day that was supposed to be cold and nasty. mother nature changed course for the better and gave us all a treat. She's been good at that this year.


Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Spectacular bit of country!