Chiily morning

Sorry my post have been few and far. I've been pretty busy and also the weather hasn't been all that great for taking photographs. This morning was the best in a while and maybe my attitude was better also.

Driving down Old Seward Highway, this mom and her calf made my eyes open wide and had Lucille hugging the shoulder. Once I got my wits together, I grabbed my camera and jumped out. The calf wouldn't come back out of the brush, but mom stood guard and maybe posed a little before they moved on.

That bench looked a little cold there as it watches more of the sunrise.

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Clare said…
Looks like a wonderful morning Dave. Thanks for the great photos.
Britt said…
Beautiful sunrise shot! Love the moose shot too! :)
Meggie said…
She looks like a proud momma. Gosh, it looks cold in Anchorage. It got down to 19F last night and it felt frigid. And we got a dusting of snow last night. But, nothing like you folks are dealing with. I don't think I will be moving to Alaska anytime soon.
Dave said…
Clare - Thanks! It was a nice day!

Britt - Thanks Britt!

Meggie - She was keeping an eye on me. Your weather actually has been worse than ours lately.