A Frosty Walk

We've been getting a lot of fog and it's been causing a lot of hoar frost and everything is a beautiful frosty white.

I went for a walk around West Chester Lagoon yesterday morning before work. It sure is pretty and the blanketing of frost made it real quiet.

There were plenty of people jogging, riding bikes and walking, but I'm not sure they were seeing what they had all around them. The frost build up was making everything like new. Though I've walked its trails many of times, I was taking so many pictures people must have thought I was a tourist.

I must say, when I've thought I've seen it all, this wonderful state shows me something new. The neat thing about it, it's right in my backyard. We just have to get out and see it. If you put your blinders on and just go back and forth to work, or to the stores, you going to miss it all. If you don't like the cold, you better head south. Bundle up and get out there.

I'm sure there are plenty of folk who are tired of the fog and frost. This moose was enjoying the Popsicle branches. It liked it so much it was all over its face and it didn't care. It took a few glances at me taking pictures and went right back at its special treat. There was plenty of it to be found.

These life vest are waiting for next spring. The city puts them at all parks that have a lake or creek to make sure all kids a a floatation device if they are taken out on the water.

Anchorage likes to be called the City of Lights. Right now it's the City of White.

More Around Anchorage.

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robin andrea said…
Stunning photos, dave. I especially like that last one with the light. So beautiful there. I'm always glad when you go out and take a walk in the frosty fog!
Britt said…
Beautiful!!! :) Glad you got out and enjoyed it!
Robin & Britt - Thanks. This hoar frost has been really fun.