Frostier yet!

I'm trying some different things with my post. I've been having trouble uploading pictures with blogger, so I've been going straight from Picasa. Their size is different. Small is smaller and medium is larger. So I'm going to try medium centered and text in between the pictures. Let's see how it goes.

I went out Sunday morning just in search of more stuff that is covered in frost. I was like a kid and his first time in a Toys"R"Us store. It's just really cool out there. I was wondering if Leonty thought out writing in frost on this backstop. Eva didn't get a lot of room did she.

Executive Order 2836 of April 10, 1918, President Wilson directed that burial land be made available, without charge, to the public. The Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery was born. I went there today because I saw all of these beautiful trees covered in frost while driving by. I don't know anyone personally that is buried there.
The Russian Orthodox Church is very strong in Alaska's history. It's presence in here is everywhere. The frost was hanging heavy on everything. The quietness of the cemetery is indescribable. I was the only visitor, but I didn't feel alone.
The cemetery is surrounded by businesses and tall buildings, but you couldn't hardly see them. The trees were thick and full because of the frost making a really neat sound and view barrier. I'm going to have to return, as a visitor that is.
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robin andrea said…
More vicarious pleasure as you walk through the frosty landscape. So beautiful.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Cemeteries are best down here for spring wildflower shots.
Dave said…
Robin - Thanks! I think the folks back east are getting a taste of it right now.

Gouldiae - I'll remember that come spring (which seems very far away right now).