Chilly Waters

I had plans to do all kinds of chores and stuff around the house yesterday. While I was siting at the computer the sun came through the window and blew that plan right away. A beautiful sunny day with warm temperatures in the low 30's. I did know what I was going to do, but I knew it involved my ca,era.

The tide was out at Ship Creek. Check out that ice build up on the pilings.

The warm temperatures cause some open water and the ducks that stay behind took full advantage of it.

Someone didn't read the closed sign.

I forgot the name of this lake. There were only these two ducks visiting it. I think there was too much activity on the trails around it.
Looks like we might have another gorgeous day today. Darn!
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robin andrea said…
Great shots, Dave. I especially like that last one. There's something about the water, the snow, and those two ducks. Beautiful.