Just kicking back

The weather sucks lately. I know that some of you might think I'm a little off my rocker, but 40° plus this time of year is not nice. This is supposed to be winter time.
Next Friday Fur Rondy starts. We need some snow and a little bit cooler temperatures. There will be sled dog races, running with reindeer, photo contest (I'm in that one) and all kinds of neat stuff.
So, until Rondy starts and the weather gets better, I'm just kicking back for a a bit.
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Abe Lincoln said…
Such a place. It must be a totally different world to experience there where you guys live. We get a foot of snow here and wonder how long it will be here before it melts. Right now we still have snow as we did get about 14 inches and it only began to warm up to about 43° today. It has been a hard time for the local birds, some of which you got to see on my birds blog. They come here or some do and eat sunflower chips and pieces (no hulls) and some safflower seeds (nobody seems to like them but they disappear) and suet.
Dave said…
Abe - We watch the news of the so called blizzrds like they are a comedy shows. Lack of snow and warm termperatures play havoc on our winter play time. The birds that are here because they can handle the winters.

I put out suet and peanuts. The birds around here aren't starving. :)

Thanks for posting!