Why did the moose cross the road?

I was taking the trash out Sunday morning. I was still in my pajama's, slippers and still needed a shower and more coffee. When I was steeping up on the porch I heard a car horn blow and traffic driving slowly. I looked down the alley and saw Momma moose and her two young ones having breakfast right next to A St.

I ran inside, grabbed my camera and a jacket. I was not dressed for success.

Anchorage has grown a lot in the 25 plus years that I've lived here. There are a lot more businesses, people and then traffic. What amazes me is the respect drivers give a moose crossing the road. Sometimes they slow down or even stop until they are all the way across.

There are plenty of horror stories of moose and car collisions. Moose behavior can be very unpredictable. They can be easily spooked and dash across the road without much warning. They don't pay any attention to jay walking laws. They can do a lot of damage to a vehicle.

I think Anchorage citizens are more tolerant of moose crossing the roads than pedestrians. I believe they think that people should be smarter, pick a better place to cross and make it snappy.
The two young moose crossed the road because mom did. Why mom did? I have no idea.
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robin andrea said…
You always get to see the best sights!
RuthieJ said…
Wow Dave, that's pretty amazing! Are they in town because it's easier to find food in the winter? Will they head back to the wild once spring arrives? Are they aggressive towards pedestrians or vehicles or do they just wander around looking for food?
Dave said…
Robin - :)

Ruthie - there are many moose that live in Anchorage. It's very large and has ample treed areas. They migrate around finding vegitation that is easy to eat. There are rules. You don't get between mom and calf. It's smart to keep some distance, don't move fast, and pretty much have some common sense. :)