Wordless Wednesday 2/10

(Borrowed from a friend


robin andrea said…
That's such a beautiful dog, dave.
Meggie said…
Cool canine! Looks like he/she enjoys the snow.
Gramma 2 Many said…
Just thought I would say Hi since I hate it when someone stops by my blog and does not leave a comment.
Your blog caught my attention cause I used to live in Anchorage. Right off of Turpin Rd and the Glenn Highway. I was back up there for the first time in 27 years this past fall. Many big changes. I have a daughter who now lives in Dillingham. She and her husband moved up to Kotzebue a year ago and were since transferred to Dillingham. She says she feels like she has gone home.
Love your pictures, I am sure I will return often. Makes me want to return. We have talked about it, but with many grands out here, it is virtually impossible to leave them.
Dave said…
Robin & Meggie - He's actually a friend of mine's mom's dog. She's dog sitting for a while. Adak is cool.

Gramma 2 Many - Thanks for stopping by. There have been a lot of changes for sure. I've lived here 26 years and I have seen a lot of them.