Fur Rondy Sprints at Sundown

The traffic was the heaviest I've ever seen it on Cordova Street tonight and there wasn't one car on it. The Fur Rondy Sprints at Sundown was going on and it was the most exciting racing I've seen in a while. Some of the mushers dressed up and some just came for the fun.

Here's the bride and her bridesmaids and ushers. There was passing in both directions right in front of us.

Jeff Barnhart was throwing candy to the crowd. Bribery didn't work.

And the frozen farm girl followed them on home.
The weather was terrible. Snowing sideways because of the wind. The temperature was about 24° but with wind chill it was BBBRRRRR!!!! It made for some not so good photos, but it was really cool!!!!
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RuthieJ said…
Those dogs really love to run, don't they?
Dave said…
That they do Ruthie!