I'm so jealous of ravens


The snow builds up quietly as each flake falls,
the day slips away, then the raven calls.

With spring comes courtships and flying skills;
rise up the thermals, then a stoop that chills!

These bold black dancers of wind and sky
I watch and wish that I could fly.

James R. Scott
Borrowed from "That I could Fly", A collection of Bird Song, written by James R. Scott D.V.M. Founder of The Bird Treatment and Learning Center, Anchorage, Alaska.

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robin andrea said…
I watch and wish I could fly too.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Those words capture the Raven's skills exactly. I love the line - 'These bold black dancers of wind and sky'. Gunna remember that one.
Meggie said…
Cool post, Dave! Did you hear about the young teacher from my area that was killed near Anchorage? They think it may have been from a pack of wolves. So sad!
Dave said…
Clare - Thanks!

Robin - Me too!

G - Dr. Scott has a way with words.

Meggie - I heard. It wasn't near Anchorage, but they have determined it was wolves. Very sad.