We call spring weather break-up weather. The winter ice is breaking up. If you go near the inlet, you can hear it pop when the tide is going out and the ice gives way. There's good things and bad things. The good things are the warmer temperatures (upper 40's yesterday) and the bad things are the mess.
Break-up uncovers all of the trash, dirt and goo from over the winter. Drains become clogged and there are thousands of ponds all over the place. The car washes are making a fortune right now. Spring clean-ups are starting to happen.
Not much color going on yet, so photography is boring and trying. But I'm looking.
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robin andrea said…
Somehow, it never looks boring there, dave!
Müge Tekil said…
Melting snow is a bit dirty yes but it means spring is coming and that's great! Have a delightful day! :-)
RuthieJ said…
I'm always appalled at the amount of garbage that's revealed when the snow melts in the spring. I picked up part of my roadside ditch a couple weeks ago and it's all full again.