Just Ducky

It's the time of year when winter is melting, everything seems dirty or dusty, the only color is white or gray. Spring seems to be around the corner. If it is, it will surprise the heck out of me.

These mallards were resting at West Chester Lagoon. The nature trail area has thawed out a lot, so they have ample open water. I don't think these guys and gals migrated in. I think they are winter survivors.

So, they take the peacefulness and add some color to what seems to be a dreary place.

It's not dreary. We all just need some spring colors.
Happy 87th Birthday Mom!
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Lana Gramlich said…
Very nice. Some aren't fond of ducks, but I love 'em. They're lovely AND delicious! *L*
Meggie said…
Aren't we all so eager for signs of spring? The ducks looks like they are enjoying the open water. Great shot of the silouette!
RuthieJ said…
Oh Dave, you've still got lots of snow left to melt!
robin andrea said…
Hope your mom had a great 87th birthday, dave. Beautiful shots as always.
Dave said…
Lana - LOL! They have all of the color this time of year.

Meggie - Thanks!

Ruthie - Oh yeah, there's plenty left so far.

Robin - Yes she did. Thanks!