A day at the Alaska Zoo

You have to love the Alaska Zoo. In 1969 the Alaska Childrens Zoo was started with one elephant that was won in a contest. They then started taking in injured and orphaned animals.
The elephants are long gone but there are Amur Tigers, the worlds largest cat to......

Alaska's brown bear.

Over 200,000 people visit the zoo every year. It's one of Alaska's most visited site.

It's very family friendly. The staff and volunteers do an excellent job of keeping the animals well taken care of, clean and well maintained exibits and fun events. They're building new exhibits, clinics and walkways.
If you haven't been there lately, you need to check it out. It's on my list of favorite places.
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Meggie said…
Zoos are one of my favorite places. Looks like you have a very nice one in your neck of the woods.
Dave said…
Meggie - The Alaska Zoo is a fun place. It is a nice one with a very diverse group of animals for sure.