I think moose get more respect than people

Of course moose don't use the crosswalk or obey traffic lights. Wait, we have a lot of pedestrians here in Anchorage that don't either. But people are supposed to know better.

But moose are big, they can do a lot of damage to your car or truck. They also don't carry insurance.

They also don't care if you're in a hurry. Those tree buds over there look tastier than these, so here I go.

People are so use to them that they carry on, with a little caution, their daily routine. In the last photo, this guy is walking down the street within a few feet. He's keeping an eye on the big girl, but he's on his way. Behind the moose you can see a guy outside of his work taking a smoke break. Life goes on.
I wonder if a moose has to worry about second hand smoke?
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robin andrea said…
I always love your moose photos! Makes me wish we had moose around here.
Meggie said…
My one and only time in Alaska, I was fortunate to see several moose. They sure are cool animals!