Memorial Day 2010

In Alaska, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer. This weekend everyone will be either camping, fishing, gardening, hiking, biking, grilling out or some other wonderful activity we enjoy when it's summer, when it's warm and there is no snow.
There's a reason we get to do these things and we have a holiday to remember those who aren't around anymore to celebrate summer with us. Memorial Day is a special day. We are able to have what we have because of others, others that gave the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy our lives. It's not just the men and women of the military, there's men and women who were in the police departments, fire departments and other emergency services. There's the everyday citizen who helped out a stranger in distress without regard to his or her own safety. There are so many and many from other countries too, not just ours.
So when you're flipping that burger, or shutting off that lawnmower, or tying that fly, take a second and just say "Thanks".
Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day. Oh, and "Thanks"!
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Meggie said…
Have a fun weekend, Dave!
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,