Kachemak Bay Shorebird Festival

Almost every year I get to go to Home to enjoy this festival. Homer is such a cool town. It probably triples in size during the festival.

As I'm making coffee, I get a little taste of things to come.

Sandhill Cranes were every where. Peoples front yards, open fields, you name it.

I always go to the bluff at the begining of town. There's always eagles, raven and gulls playing in the thermals. These two immature eagles were playingtag. Too young to mate but maybe not to young to practice.
This is a gotta see event!
Thanks Diane for putting Ghost, Gus and Me up for the weekend.

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robin andrea said…
Looks like a very cool event. I'm impressed that you travel with owls!
Clare said…
Must be an awesome event Dave. One of these years.
Dave said…
Robin - They were my room mates also. They spent the night perched out in the room where I waas staying. Note to Dave - nocturnal bird as room mate might not be a good sleeping aid.

Clare - it gets better evey year.
caite said…
the shorebird festival sounds great...but you travel with an owl?
Dave said…
Caite - I do live wildbird education programs for Bird TLC. Check out