Give me an AAWWWWW!!!!

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robin andrea said…
What a little cutie pie!
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
You get an aaawww from me. Love them dogs. Enjoyed your Fur Rondy series too. Would you believe we conduct dog sled races down here in Oz too? Sometimes up in the snow fields in winter and often through the rest of the year on wheels. I'll have to try for some pics for you.
Dave Dorsey said…
He is Robin.

Hey G. I look forward to some of those pics.
RuthieJ said…
so who does that little cutie belong to?
and what kind of dog is it? (looks a little like a pit bull, but I've never seen that blue/gray color in a pittie before)
Dave Dorsey said…
He belongs to a young lady I work with. I forgot the breed. :)