Wireless merger?

This concern over the AT&T and T Mobile merger is a little over rated. I doubt that in Alaska we’re going to see much change if any. AT&T is the only national wireless company in Alaska. Verizon has announced plans to move here in the future but as of yet hasn’t set a date.

AT&T pulled out of Alaska about 8 years ago in a trade with Cellular One. What a horrible time in wireless history. Cellular One was terrible. Rates increased and service dropped. Customer service was next to non-existent. When AT&T bought out Cellular One we were warned of how bad their customer service was. I couldn’t believe it was worse the Cellular One, and it wasn’t. I’ve never had a problem with AT&T customer service.

I do feel that cell phone rates are high. I use a Blackberry Torch and use all of the bells and whistles. I’m changing companies where I’ll be working and probably won’t need all of them, but I’ll keep them anyways. Email and internet is all ways nice to have at hand. I can’t wait for 4G to make it to Alaska.

The charge for those bells and whistles I feel is a little high. I do have unlimited minutes, data, unlimited texting, bb service, roadside assistance and insurance. I think my cell phone bill is my highest utility bill. If it were to increase, I’d have to trim some of those services for sure.

It’s nice that I’m changing companies and I don’t have a company cell phone. All of my contacts go with me. They’re synced to my PC. That’s part of the reason why I got a quality smart phone. I guess it’s true when they say you get what you pay for.

If the merger goes through, I guess it will be up to Sprint and Verizon to raise the bar, to make the next big move. Like the airlines, mergers might be where it’s at for wireless companies.


Sarah said…
I am with T-mobile and I am a little concerned that my costs are going to go up even more. I chose T-mobile because they are the least expensive for the coverage that the provide but in our area AT&T is one of the most expensive. I guess only time will tell right? If it isn't good news the Verizon here I come!