Spring break?

Spring break will come and go without notice this year. The recession might be over, but the rising cost of goods is not. I stopped this morning and filled my gas tank up. The price was $3.65 a gallon. I drove by the same station after lunch today and the price had gone up to $3.75 a gallon. Any kind of trip by vehicle will have to be a good one, if and when I decide to take it.

Traveling by plane won’t be any less expensive this year either. Several years back when the fuel prices spiked, the airlines raised pricing accordingly. When the price of fuel went down, they didn’t adjust the price down a penny. Now with it going back up again they are raising the prices because of fuel. If it continues to rise, don’t be surprised if there’s some big shake ups in the airline industry.

I prefer not to burn up all of my vacation time at one shot. I like breaking it up and taking a number of long weekends. Time off is essential to me. I have a lot of things I prefer doing when off the clock. Most of it usually means a trip out of town, but things might get reeled in a little closer to home.

Winter is still in full swing here in Alaska. I believe we hit the high of 11° today. For the next week it should be in the mid 20’s during the day and single digits at night. Even though the first day of spring is in 2 weeks, it really won’t feel like spring for about another month and a half. But once the snow is melting and we start to get other colors besides black, gray and white, there will be no time for setting still.

The daylight hours are longer now and getting longer every day. Right now we have about 10 ½ hours of daylight and gaining about 10 minutes of daylight a day. When winter starts to break up, the sun is out most of the day, the birds migrate back, the colors come alive and I will too!


robin andrea said…
Gas prices are about that high here in California. I remember back 2008, we spent $4.75 a gallon while we were living in Arcata, in Humboldt County.

Glad to hear that spring is on its way there. Here too. I'm hoping that last snowstorm we had wrapped it up for the season.
Marvin said…
Gas prices aren't quite that high (yet) here in Arkansas, but what do I know? I haven't been to town in over a week. I shudder to think what they may be when we start our spring art fair season in a month or so. Unlike the airlines, passing along fuel price increases to our customers is not so easy when one is competing for discretionary dollars.
Laura O in AK said…
Visiting from the I Love Blogging blog hop (although I KNOW I've been on your blog before for Wordless Wednesday!)

I'm still reeling after seeing Fred Meyer in Eagle River post $3.83 for gas today. Guess I missed out tanking up yesterday when it was 10 cents a gallon less. I'm trying to just be happy that the sun was shining and the temps rather warm.

I hope you'll pop over to my home on the web sometime:
Gas prices are high here in Texas. There is an enormous oilfield just north of our town and refineries on every street corner. Still I paid $3.28 a few days ago.
Dave Dorsey said…
We went up to $3.83 a gallon yesterday like Laura said. AK is an oil state with a couple refineries also. That doesn't seem to matter.
Meggie said…
At last fillup I paid $3.49 a gallon. It's time like this I wish I had a compact car. But I love my truck too much, even if it is a gas guzzler. I hear a local couple from western Pa. is leading the Iditarod. I know it's early and their (husband and wife) chances of winning are slim but it's still exciting for our area.