Wordless Wednesday 3/2/2011


Tony McGurk said…
Great photos on your blog here Dave & this one's no exception. Looks cold there. Bet your glad Winter's over.
So much trust in this photo.
Gabriel said…
Great shot! I love to see the close relationship that men and dog have in those regions.
Sarah said…
Great picture!

I am a follower of your blog, thank you for joining our I love blogging blog hop! Thanks for displaying our button too, see you next week!
What a fabulous photo. But, being from the south as I am, it looks bitterly cold outdoors. Yet, the comradeship of man and his faithful friend makes the heart warm!!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. Your comments and visit are always a welcomed treat for me.

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Joyful said…
Looks like you're out having a nice day with the dog.
Dave Dorsey said…
Tony - Thanks! trust me, winter's not over.

Thanks everyone. That's not me but one of the handlers at the dog weight pull.