More from Yakutat

 The welcome sign was made by the welding shop at Yakutat School. A beautiful school where the student to teacher ratio is 9-1.
Yakutat has a huge history of timber, trapping and fishing. The Yakutat and Southern Railroad at one time was the greatest single economic boost to the Yakutat economy. It carried salmon as freight and the passengers rode for free.
 On our drive out that morning, we saw a large number of bald eagles just soaring in the thermals. We pulled over and were just amazed at the sight. I lost count at 12 when I stopped. I didn't know if I was counting the same ones anymore because they all were just gliding around having a good time. We were too close to get a shot of them all. I almost fell over backwards watching them.
Appropriately named, this wooden bridge crossed a dangerous river. There were ice chunks floating down from the glacier.
 A one lane bridge that dead ended on the other side. If someone was crossing, you waited until they finished before you did. There wasn't any heavy traffic except for the swallows.
 I haven't finished processing and posting all my photographs from this trip yet. This is our second visit into Russell Fiords.
 The moss covered trees are just an awesome sight. A haven for mosquitos and black flies, so you kept moving to prevent becoming dinner. Also, be sure to have bear spray. We didn't see any here, but there was plenty of signs of them.
 Chunks of ice floating in the lake from Yakutat Glacier, some making their way to the mouth of the Dangerous River in the upper left.
For the best coffee and scones, fat Grandma's is the place to go. I had one of the best vanilla latte's every. You'll also run into some of the nicest people around. I wasn't reimbursed for this endorsement, but I'd gladly take another vanilla latte. They have other food on the menu, but we didn't have enough time to check it out. They're closed Sunday & Monday's.

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robin andrea said…
You really do get to see the most beautiful sights there. You have made me fall in love with Alaska over and over again, a place I will never see except through your eyes. Thank you for that.
You're welcome, but I wish you would visit. It's a place I've been in love with for a long, long time.
NC Sue said…
Enjoyed your photos. Thanks for sharing at
Rhonda Albom said…
This town is very interesting and I like the hints of culture in your photos.
Oh! Our ferry stopped at charming Yakutak for several hours, maybe our first stop in Alaska. (We got on at Bellingham) and we had a latte at Fat Grandmas. And we saw eagles! And we knew immediately that we were going to love this beautiful state and we did! The summer of a lifetime! Only it was two years ago now, too long ago. Thanks for the memories and lovely pictures.
carol l mckenna said…
Looks like a delightful place and lovely photos ~ I am intrigued with the sign ~ very creative ~ ^_^
Beth F said…
So beautiful. I love that the river is called Dangerous! And Fat Grandmas sound wonderful. Oh to see so many eagles flying so close!
Lovely collection of photos. I love nature shots and that school sign.
Glenda said…
Beautiful photos and I loved seeing the pictures of the bridge and Fat Grandmas if I ever make it there I will have to stop in.
Wonderful pictures. I enjoyed looking and reading about them.

Visiting from WW
LV said…
Driving allows you to see and enjoy so much more. I truly enjoyed this venture with you.
Thanks for all the kind comments!
Ida said…
Sounds like a great trip. The mountains are gorgeous and how thrilling to have seen that many Bald Eagles.
Mascha said…
Nice welcome sign! That all has for me the smell of adventure nouvels and: I often wish, I could fly like an eagle.
Thanks for sharing and joining in WG
Greetings from far little Germany
Thank you everyone!

Nora said…
Really lovely photos! I like all the colors in the sky reflecting in the water in the lake photo. Have a great weekend. cheers
Tanya Breese said…
Oh wow! I really loved this post and pictures! Thanks so much for linking up! Willy Nilly will be up and running again in the morning! Hope to see you! 😊
Heidi said…
Wie wunderbar, jetzt erfahre ich über diesen Blog eine ganze Menge über Alaska!
Vielen herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüße