I moved to Wasilla over 2 years ago. This old truck is on the side of the road, on someone's property. It's not bothering anything. What is usually what you would call an eyesore, I find to be an eye catcher. I pass it almost every day and I check it out just to see if anything else has happened naturally.
 This past winter it was pretty much buried. I guess this is almost a black and white photo. It looked very cold and lonely.
 Yesterday it was very much alive. Wild roses are blooming every where and bringing more color. They are taking over the engine compartment of the truck.
I took this photo right after I moved here. I sent copies to my family and my sister had it framed and of course hung it in her house. A niece has done the same thing. I've sold several copies of it and sent them outside (outside is the Alaska slang for not in Alaska). My son has stopped at it and has taken pictures of his family with it.

I don't know what it is, but this old truck catches my eye. I wonder about it's history, who all owned it and what it was used for (it's in a farming / ranch area).

Today I'll be driving past it and I'm wondering how it's going to look. It's been raining hard all night and most of the morning.


NC Sue said…
I love this series of shots. Great job!
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Kim S. said…
Great images - that old truck kind of tugs at heart strings for some reason. Draws me in to think of the old time farmers who used to live around here while I was growing up. Just had a family of 11 (9 super polite, home-schooled kids!) move to my area of PA from Alaska. Now you taught me a term -- "outside" -- that I can use to spark conversation...that and so much more about your beautiful state. Thakns for your blogging! Kim in PA
Thanks Kim! I think you see what I do in this truck.
Bloggymom said…
Neat! Very neat!
Beth F said…
Look how much that old truck has given back!
Great series of photos, love the rose bush in the engine compartment.
Vicki said…
Love the photos! I don't think things like that are eyesores either. I enjoy seeing things from the past even if they are old and rusty or falling apart.
Beautiful in all seasons! The older I get the more beauty I see in rusty old things )). The desert is a good place for old cars and rusting trucks, but you wouldn't see those beautiful wild roses growing over them there (well, or the snow either). We saw a lot of abandoned farm houses and barns as we traveled lately ... they always make me want to know the whole story about what happened -- just like what you say about your truck. That really is a beautiful frameable photo!
Love the photo of the roses growing out of the abandoned truck--that is so unique!
robin andrea said…
I love these photos, Dave. An abandoned truck transformed to art by time, weather, and your skillful eyes. Wonderful!
This truck was abandoned but has its own stories which are a mystery to us. The wonder of it all captures our imagination. Thanks for the wonderful post.
Molly said…
I love the wild roses

Thank you for the comments. Obviously I'm not the only one seeing the beauty in this old truck.