I don't think I need to write much here. I think the photographs will tell the story.

With beagles, you must practice patience.


Rhonda Albom said…
I think you need to tempt them with something. Food? Ball or stick? A cat?
robin andrea said…
They're so cute! They definitely teach patience.
carol l mckenna said…
Love your three beagles ~ sweet shots ~ ^_^
So cute those three !
Best, Synnöve
They are easier to photograph than children, I think!
Oh my gosh are these beagles cute. What are their names?
Copper is the bigger one in back, Macy is the only one paying attention on the right and impatient Joy the oldest. We were on a camping trip along the Kenai River. Treats wouldn't have made them behave. They're a blast to have around and they love my RV. Thanks everyone for the comments.
NC Sue said…
They're adorable!
Thanks for joining the party at
Adorable little guys! Oh, and gals. Great camping companions, I see. :-)
Beth F said…
Awww, I bet they're great camping companions.
They are good camping companions. They love to go on walks / hikes. Thanks everyone for the comments.
Mascha said…
Wow, they are so cute! Thanks for sharing.
By the way: I've changed the settings for my blog, English is just in the translator list.
Greetings from Germany
Tom said…
...I don't write much either, I like the photographs to tell the story.
Me also Tom. I do tend to write a bit but prefer looking at the photos.

Thanks Mascha!