Mt St Elias Dancers

I went to the Yakutat Tern Festival this weekend. Where is Yakutat you ask? Well, it is on the northern coast of the Gulf of Alaska. There are no roads or rails connecting it to the rest of Alaska. By air and sea are your only access. It is a most beautiful part of southeastern Alaska and it was a very enjoyable trip which I hope to make again someday.
 I was able to watch the Mt. St. Elias Dancers in action. WoW! What an energetic group. I believe they are the best I've seen. 
 The whole group wasn't there and it's good beacause they probably wouldn't fit in the hall. There were members of all ages.
 They told the brief history of the different clans and the meanings of the dances.
 There were women also. As a matter of fact, the drummers were all women.
 They danced for about an hour.
I enjoyed watching the young ones the most. I do like how they are teaching them the ways of their ancestors. I highly recommend seeing them.


NC Sue said…
This looks like such fun - and full of color.
Thank you for linking up at
I love learning more about Native American culture. It looked like an interesting dance festival to watch
Andrea said…
It seems like a real very far place from the rest of the world. They can dance very long because it is very cold there. How i wish it is a bit easier to be there.
Klara said…
sure looks like fun.
Wendy Ross said…
That looks like a lot of fun, and very interesting. My older teen is currently learning more about Native American history; I imagine he'd be fascinated.
Beth F said…
What a great experience. I'd love to visit someday.
Great fun - I'd love to attend and watch the dances.
DrillerAA09 said…
We have been a demonstration of this type of event and it is great fun, very colorful and the little ones just steal your heart.
Thanks for all the kind comments.
A fascinating post. Would love to attend some time!