Looking back on 2017

No, 2017 isn't over yet. But right now it's cold and windy, so not good hiking or photography weather. So I'm looking back on some of the photos I haven't posted.
Above, we had just pulled into out favorite spot on the Denali Highway. This would be in May. Really haven't done much to set up camp yet. I tie the dogs out when we first get to a camp until I get it set up and then they can be loose. We awoke the next morning to a couple of inches of snow.
Fat Grandma's is a good place in Yakutat to get a nice latte', a croissant and probably good conversation.
 In 1954 Lynden Transfer started service to Alaska. They totally restored old #27 and use it all over promoting the Lynden Companies. Here I caught it this past summer after one of their company picnics.
 Float plane taking off from the Kenai River in Sterling.
 Bonaparte's gulls waiting for a meal along the Kenai River.
 My three buddies (beagles lt to rt Joy, Cooper and Macy) in Hope, AK. They love the smell of dead rotting spawned out salmon. #4 beagle Hank hadn't joined us yet.
 This ain't going to smell good.
 Sunset at our camp spot in Hope, AK.
Resurrection Creek at low tide. Plenty of glacier silt along the banks. All types of waterfowl playing in the distance.

OK, I'm ready for more snow, less wind and some fun photography.


Fun60 said…
Beautiful landscapes.
NC Sue said…
Great series of shots!
Thanks for linking up at
Lady Fi said…
The scenery is gorgeous!
Beautiful images. Oh them dogs---rolling in the rotted salmon---what fun
robin andrea said…
Really nice to take a look back. You inspire me to do that too!
Looking back is a good idea once and awhile.
Lydia - some of places here are. That's where I like to go.

Small City - I had to give them a bath at the RV and another when we got home. PU

Robin - Obviously we can't post all of our photos, but when things are slow we have a lot to pick from.

L & V - I agree!