Our weather looks like something from a Vincent Price movie

Our weather the last couple of days has been something out of a Vincent Price movie. Heavy rain followed by heavy fog. Last night the temperature dropped to 25°f so there was a light sheen of ice on everything. The pups and I waited until right before the sun broke out and off to find what's out there.
 Above is the Matanuska River bridge. It separates the Matanuska Susitna Borough from the Anchorage Borough. It's not unusual for it to be engulfed in fog. The lighting is low and yellow tinted specifically for fog. It's a heavily traveled highway. It's on the Glenn Highway, the only highway into Anchorage from the Matsu (Matanuska) Valley.
 The Eklutna Trailrace from the old Eklutna Power Plant side. A very popular fishing destination about 35 miles from Anchorage but pretty well deserted any other time.
 The Old Knik River Bridge was closed in 1975 but left for pedestrians to use. It was damaged during the 1964 Good Friday but state engineers said it was OK to use, one car at a time and no more than 15 mph. At the time it was the only highway between the Matsu Valley and Anchorage. Now it connects to the Glenn Highway.
 Waiting on some spooky creature to emerge from the Knik River. The river starts about 20 miles up this river at the Knik Glacier. I guess the foggy weather was the correct weather for the Halloween holiday. 
This guy welcomes the pups and I home. Look closely and you'll see the frozen cobwebs.


Diane said…
We have had crazy weather too, 78 here today. Still wearing summer shoes
Mascha said…
At photos bad weather can look very nice... but I'm glad, that we had not such extremes here...
Thanks for joining, greetings from Germany
Fun60 said…
Love the photos but glad I don't have to experience that weather.
Klara said…
brr, I am shivering just looking at your photos. not fond of cold, rainny and foggy weather but it produces nice photos.
Liz Powley said…
Wow, that's cold. You're giving me chills. Your environment is almost a polar opposite (almost literally) to mine, which makes it even more fascinating. The colours you have in those photos are gripping yet calm monotones with such mood and emotion attached to them. Beautiful work - thanks so much for sharing. My favourite is the first one with the bridge disappearing into the fog. It can say so much.

Best wishes,
bettyl-NZ said…
I love this sort of weather, it makes photos so awesome! I love all your images and, you are right about expecting someone to jump out :)
Molly said…
Those top two images are beautifully eerie

Thank you for all of the kind comments.