Breakfast at Potter Marsh

I was driving past Potter Marsh when I noticed this moose having breakfast. This time of year everything is frozen over and it's easy for him to get to the vegetation.

Notice the large scar on his rump. I wonder what war story he could tell us, only if he could.
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Meggie said…
OK, Dave, I need a lesson on "Moose." You refer to this moose as a "him." Where are his paddles?
RuthieJ said…
That's so cool Dave! I would waste a lot of gas driving around if I knew I could see moose like that all the time!
robin andrea said…
You sure do get to see some great sights there, dave. Almost makes me wish I lived in Alaska.
Dave said…
Meggie - they shed their antlers to grow new ones. look above his eyes.

Ruthie - I do. :)

Robin - Almost???
Meggie said…
I guess I thought moose "season" would be like our white tail deer, meaning they would shed their antlers at the same time of year. Our white tail still have their racks...will be shedding soon, however.