More of a show

It was a gorgeous day today with the temperature hovering around +22°f. The skies were blue with puffy white clouds. Our guy was there again today and again it put on a show.

He would glide through the air with a graceful ease, touch ground and head back up again.

It would find some dinner. Some might have been a little tough or stretchy.

It stayed pretty active like this for a while and then perched out on its power line pole. I guess it got its fill.
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mick said…
That is a magnificent bird and you've taken a great series of photos.
RuthieJ said…
Wow! Those are great pictures Dave! How far away were you? The eagle doesn't seem to be the least bit intimidated by your presence....
Meggie said…
Beautiful shots, Dave! What a treat to get such an impressive show. Isn't nature gorgeous?!
robin andrea said…
Dave!!! Those are spectacular shots. What a gorgeous bird, and your photographs convey every bit of its magnificence and beauty. Well done.
Amy said…
Wow! Gorgeous bird and a great series of photos. I'm craving fish now for some reason. ;)
Marvin said…
Love your eagle photos, Dave.

(I'm glad the weather has gotten straighten out and your scenes and temperatures are more wintry than mine.)
Dave said…
Mick - Thamks for visiting!

Ruthie - He was keeping an eye on me. At times he was about 10 12 feet away.

Meggie - sometimes we forget how lucky we are to see such

Robin - Thanks!!!

Amy - Salmon is one of my favorite dishes!

Marvin - Thanks and me too!