More eagle visits

While on Ft. Richardson yesterday I got the attention of several eagles. With the beautiful sky and chilly weather I was able to take some nice shots. With their slow fly bys it was almost like they were posing.

There were 2 different mature eagles. One was more curious than the other. It would fly closer but the other kept its distance.

I was the only one out there and they were definitely showing off for me.

I counted 7 immatures before I stopped counting. I wasn't sure if I was counting the same ones after a bit. It was the highest concentration of eagles in one place that I've seen where there wasn't a feeding going on. What a day!!!

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robin andrea said…
These shots are so beautiful, it's like I'm seeing them right there with you. Amazing detail on their feathers. Truly fantastic stuff, dave.
Meggie said…
Beautiful shots against and awesome blue sky. How cold was it?
RuthieJ said…
Wow Dave, those are great photos! It must have been fun for you to see them flying so close.
Dave said…
Robin - Thank you very much!

Meggie - Thanks. It was about +20°.

Ruthie - Thanks! I love it!!!
eileeninmd said…
Awesome shots of the Eagles in flight. They are always a thrill to see.
Johnny Nutcase said…
sweet shots of the baldy! great stuff. I finally saw some bald eagles had been way too long (no idea why) since I had! love the in-flight photos.
mick said…
Great photos of the eagles. You were very fortunate to have so many soaring overhead.
Larry said…
Great Bald Eagle day Dave! Especially with the sun out and a blue sky. You gotta love that!
Dave said…
Eileen - Thanks! They always get me jumping.

Jill - Thanks!!!

Mick - Thanks. I still brag about it. :)