Eagle Show

Britt and I went out on Ft. Rich on Friday and we found 2 bald eagles perched on top of a couple of power line poles. It looked like they were waiting on us. One was an immature and one was mature. The immature one stayed perched the whole time, but it did make a few calls.
It was a beautifully clear day with the temperature around +21°f. We had just got a fresh snow fall of about 4 inches the day before. The sky made a beautiful background. The mature was looking around more than the other one.

When it found what it wanted, it's eyes were set and it was on the hunt for sure. Gracefully gliding down to it's destination.
When it was done it did a fly by checking us out a little closer before it headed back to its pole.
For more pictures from the day, click here.
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Marvin said…
Sounds like a great eagle outing. Nice shot of the bird in flight.
robin andrea said…
Really nice to see those eagles, dave. I've read that we have both bald and goldens here, but haven't seen one yet. I keep looking!
Britt said…
Nice photos! It was a fun afternoon.
Awesome shots of this magnificent bird!
Larry said…
Nice shots of the Bald Eagles Dave. It sounds funny but I find the juvenile Bald Eagles more beautiful than the adults. I enjoy their multicolored plumage.
eileeninmd said…
Cool eagle sightings. Great shots.
Dave said…
Marvin - Thanks!

Robin - They both are amazing. We see more balds here in the Anchorage area, but goldens are more towards Denali.

Britt - Thanks and it was fun!

Bob & Cynthia - Thanks and thanks for visiting.

Larry - Thanks! That is funny. I get to interact with many, and each one has its own birdality (personality). Thanks for visiting.