Wasted gas

I wanted to head down "The Arm" yesterday, but I ended up sleeping in until almost 10AM. That doesn't happen often with me. If I sleep past 7AM, I'm usually sick. I wasn't sick, just maybe exhausted. I've spent most of the New Years weekend doing chores. Christmas is put away for another year and the house is all straightened and cleaned.

I should have got up and went anyway. The sun was shinning south of town yesterday. Today, no! The sunrises between 10AM & 10:30AM, so I headed south about 9AM. I wanted to catch the sun coming up over the mountains and then have it to my back on my trip back.

Instead I got wind and snow. It did warm up anywheres from 27° to 32°, depending on where you were at. So I drank my vanilla latte' and ate my blueberry muffin watching the tide come in.
Oh well, the year has just begun. There will be better photography days!
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robin andrea said…
Your pictures really do convey the cold there. Even cloudy days can provide opportunities for beautiful vistas like these.

I love the eagle photo in the post below. I don't know how I missed that one. Happy New Year!
Susan said…
Hi there. My brother lives in Anchorage and I've visited six times since 2000. I love the arm the best. That is one great drive. Portage valley is also a favorite. I even took the train up to the Spencer Lake glacier and the raft ride back down. Great pictures.
Dave said…
Robin - it was a cold & windy morning. Lots of blogs and lots of post. :)

Susan - only 6 times??? :) Thanks!