Saturday, January 30, 2010

Breakfast at Potter Marsh

I was driving past Potter Marsh when I noticed this moose having breakfast. This time of year everything is frozen over and it's easy for him to get to the vegetation.

Notice the large scar on his rump. I wonder what war story he could tell us, only if he could.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More eagle visits

While on Ft. Richardson yesterday I got the attention of several eagles. With the beautiful sky and chilly weather I was able to take some nice shots. With their slow fly bys it was almost like they were posing.

There were 2 different mature eagles. One was more curious than the other. It would fly closer but the other kept its distance.

I was the only one out there and they were definitely showing off for me.

I counted 7 immatures before I stopped counting. I wasn't sure if I was counting the same ones after a bit. It was the highest concentration of eagles in one place that I've seen where there wasn't a feeding going on. What a day!!!

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some people don't mush or ski

Some people spend the winter getting ready for summer. Drag racing is alive and well in Alaska at Alaska Raceway Park. Wade has been racing and being a crew chief for others at the track for several years. For a few years his car has been waiting his attention. It's getting it now.
He has a lot of work ahead of him and he's not sure if he'll finish in time for the season opener, but he's going to try.
A little differant kind of wildlife then what I usually post.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

More of a show

It was a gorgeous day today with the temperature hovering around +22°f. The skies were blue with puffy white clouds. Our guy was there again today and again it put on a show.

He would glide through the air with a graceful ease, touch ground and head back up again.

It would find some dinner. Some might have been a little tough or stretchy.

It stayed pretty active like this for a while and then perched out on its power line pole. I guess it got its fill.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Eagle Show

Britt and I went out on Ft. Rich on Friday and we found 2 bald eagles perched on top of a couple of power line poles. It looked like they were waiting on us. One was an immature and one was mature. The immature one stayed perched the whole time, but it did make a few calls.
It was a beautifully clear day with the temperature around +21°f. We had just got a fresh snow fall of about 4 inches the day before. The sky made a beautiful background. The mature was looking around more than the other one.

When it found what it wanted, it's eyes were set and it was on the hunt for sure. Gracefully gliding down to it's destination.
When it was done it did a fly by checking us out a little closer before it headed back to its pole.
For more pictures from the day, click here.
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wasted gas

I wanted to head down "The Arm" yesterday, but I ended up sleeping in until almost 10AM. That doesn't happen often with me. If I sleep past 7AM, I'm usually sick. I wasn't sick, just maybe exhausted. I've spent most of the New Years weekend doing chores. Christmas is put away for another year and the house is all straightened and cleaned.

I should have got up and went anyway. The sun was shinning south of town yesterday. Today, no! The sunrises between 10AM & 10:30AM, so I headed south about 9AM. I wanted to catch the sun coming up over the mountains and then have it to my back on my trip back.

Instead I got wind and snow. It did warm up anywheres from 27° to 32°, depending on where you were at. So I drank my vanilla latte' and ate my blueberry muffin watching the tide come in.
Oh well, the year has just begun. There will be better photography days!
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Friday, January 1, 2010

The Power King

This proud eagle was sitting on top of this power line pole with it's dinner under its feet. He wasn't in much of a hurry to eat it or share it with the two magpies who were patiently waiting for for him to give some of it up.

Here's hoping everyone had a safe New Years celebration.

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